Academic Excellence

Building the strong foundation to academic success.


Academic Excellence


Canada Prep Academy is a unique independent school that offers a program specifically designed for dedicated student-athletes. While students are engaged in an outstanding academic program, they are working at a level of athletic training normally available only at the College/University level. Canada Prep provides the foundation for academic, athletic, and personal development enabling each individual to maximize his or her full potential and ultimately reach and succeed at the next level. The athletic and academic scheduling is completely integrated and complementary to ensure that each student-athlete is achieving excellence both academically and athletically.

At Canada Prep Academy, each individual has the opportunity to become a successful student through the support of dedicated instructors in small classes. Small class sizes ensure that each individual is given the proper attention to customize and balance the demands of being a student-athlete. State of the art technology is used within the classroom to provide every student with all the tools necessary to optimize learning.

Students at Canada Prep can earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and will be supported by a broad range of courses, post-secondary counseling, SAT/ACT preparation and college scholarship services, ensuring the student has access to the best post secondary opportunity.

“We help in the advancement of academic success”